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The Kent and East Sussex ( High Weald ) Grazing Project.

Runs within RAMSAK (Ring of Agricultural Machinery, Sussex and Kent).

We source graziers for sites within the above area, we also provide practical assistance with the management of the grassland and other land. RAMSAK, through its members, is also able to supply services, such as contractors for fencing, mowing, hay making etc. To support landowners who are keeping livestock for the very first time, we provide training to them, either from the Ring or with a local training provider. Also we can supply hay and straw through members.

We support those people new to the countryside with contacts and information, running an efficient rural network. So far I have viewed over 1600's which is quite an achievement, but it is getting us known to the public that is the hard bit sometimes.

The Kent and East Sussex ( High Weald ) Grazing project is split into a number of areas:
East Kent, North Kent, West Kent, Kent and East Sussex High Weald.

At the moment we have grazing available in all areas, ranging from 2 acres to 60 plots. Fees are applicable, but we keep them to a minimum to cover time and costs. (RAMSAK being a non profit organisation)

Contact 01622 815356


Services provided include:

Estate Management, Tractors / Plant Equipment, Cultivation / Preparation and Drilling, Foraging, Baling and Wrapping, Professional Management services, Cereal Harvesting, Fertilizer and Spraying services, Lime, Muck and Slurry handling, Potato and Root Crop work, Soft/Top Fruit, Forestry, Haulage, Labour Finding service, Skilled Operators, Livestock services, Property building, repair and maintenance, Fencing and Hedgelaying, Machinery and Equipment repair and maintenance, Seasonal Labour for Fruit, Hops, Vegetables, Herbs and Garden Crops.